How Can You Record a Sound Without Wind Noise?

How Can You Record a Sound Without Wind Noise?

The wind is natural and that cannot be controlled by anyone, recording a sound along with that will be very much frustrating to the people who plan to record them from the outside. On account of recording without wind noise will not be that easy this will give you a lot of challenges while recording. To get an idea about how to avoid them you can continue reading this article and get some of the tricks in it.


To avoiding wind noise you need to look for a good shelter which is the best location where the wind does not get inside. When you record a sound the shelter will help you to make the wind stay away.


Having a microphone along with you while, recording sound is important. This will even have the ability to record the sound that is coming out from a minute opening. You just need to stand facing back the wind and hold the microphone this will get you the purest form of sound that is to be recorded. Even, if you change the pattern of movement this will help you in a wider way.



This kind of windscreen will be very much favourable even under heavy wind. In the online you can purchase the size that you want and also the color can also be chosen. This will be in the form of fur where you can take them from one place to the other because this will not occupy a heavy space they are compact. The cost of this is very low where anybody can afford to buy them.


When you are recording music on the outside you just need to get near the sound while recording. If you are far away from the place and you try to record them you can find external disturbance noises getting recorder in your session.

These are some of the ways to prevent wind noise that is getting into your recording from the outside. You can get the help of these instruments to avoid that external noise and get the purest form of music that you need.

Bottom line

Recording the best music on your own in the outside can also be done only if you know the tricks about them before you get into your work. So it is necessary to get good knowledge about it and then get into the field.