Ways to Constructor Music Boombox Into a Bike 

Ways to Constructor Music Boombox Into a Bike 

Many people like to travel on a bike to different places like a trip. Hearing to music while you are driving will make your mind feel relaxed without thinking about anything and in addition to that this will keep you engaged in something and you will never feel that you are alone. Building a boom box inside your bike is possible there are different ways to build in a bike a music boombox the tricks are as follows. 


embedding speakersThe three main things that you will need for the boom box is

  • The amplifier board
  • The tube
  • The rack.


  • The first step is you Up Need to cut the tube in the range of 6 inches. The tube has to be made into pieces by comparing the size with the boom box.
  • The second step is you have to cut the arcs. After you cut the arcs into pieces now you have to connect them with the help of the glue. You are connecting these arcs with the tube.
  • The next step is you need to drill holes in the inputs amplifier, in which the end of the inputs amplifier has a switch on their other side. The holes that you make have to be in a perfect size. After you made the process you have to check whether the amplifier board will fit the holes.
  • You then need to connect the conduit along, with the tube to make them Settle down in the rack in a fixed state.
  • As of now, the speaker has come out for the installation of the battery and speaker with the cable. Then you need to install the speaker and amplifier.
  • Then finally you can fix them to your rack on the bike with the help of the hardware.

This is how you can make the embedding speakers in a bike in the right and in the best way. If you follow the procedures in the right method you can Mount the speakers along with your bike and make use of the massive music player.

Wrapping up

A small piece of wire is enough to connect your boom box along with your device you can even make use of the USB cable to connect with your device and by this method you can play the music. If you feel like the charge is getting drained, with the same USB wire you can make them get charged simply and easily.